Law Bite

Law Bite

Sex, drugs, and stupid lawsuits—these are the American staples. We’ll take you inside and outside of the courtroom… and then drive you to Mexico and leave you for dead.

* Law Bite is a podcast owned by Bite Enterprises LLC. Any associated content is for entertainment purposes only and is not legal advice!

Recent Episodes

Ep. 169: Nun too Pleased

June 5, 2023

When it comes to trans/ queer nuns, the issue is simple: wait-- what was the question, again?

Ep. 168: Chat GPWhoops

May 30, 2023

These days, even lawyers can use ChatGPT to do simple things--  like getting disbarred.

Ep. 167: The Shitsu Switcheroo

May 22, 2023

Sometimes when you're drunk, and you're driving, you just need someone to pin it on. Like your best friend.

Ep. 166: Fox in the Courthouse

May 9, 2023

Sometimes people have to pay for what they say... and then the lawyers make money. Which is awesome.

Ep. 165: Bent Over Rent

May 2, 2023

Sometimes life is stinky, or gross. The law says: get over it.

Ep 164: Queer Eye for Straight Rye

April 25, 2023

Sometimes a beer can is so beautiful you just have to cry.