Law Bite

Law Bite

Sex, drugs, and stupid lawsuits—these are the American staples. We’ll take you inside and outside of the courtroom… and then drive you to Mexico and leave you for dead.

* Law Bite is a podcast owned by Bite Enterprises LLC. Any associated content is for entertainment purposes only and is not legal advice!

Recent Episodes

Ep. 131: Gender Bender 2-- Smoky Nuts

June 12, 2022

One thing that the 4th of July and gender reveal parties have in common: someone's liable to lose a finger. Or their cajones.

Ep. 130: Dr. Do-Too-Much

June 5, 2022

Is it just me, or does that baby look just like his doctor?

Ep. 129: Money for Nothin', Jail for Free

May 30, 2022

A fool and his money are soon... well, headed to the clink.

Ep. 128: Bikes Gone Wild

May 23, 2022

We always knew bikers were badass, but we weren't necessarily thinking of the guys on Schwinns...

Ep. 127: Cash for Kids

May 15, 2022

How much are your kids/ grandkids worth? Multiply the number of extra toilet paper rolls by your current number of toilets, divide by the number of juiceboxes, and then throw your calculator in the trash. *Remember to send u…

Ep. 126: Justice is Blind (and Naked)

May 9, 2022

Life hint: nobody wants to see their lawyer in their birthday suit. Not even the bartender.